Naked hardware #19: PCTV microStick (79e)

PCTV microStick (79e) teardown

PCTV microStick (79e)
Cheap plain DVB-T USB receiver from the PCTV Systems. USB ID assigned is 2013:0262. This device got mainline Linux support during kernel 3.17 development period. Linux drivers providing support are af9035 / af9033 / it913x.

Device is build upon very common IT9135 reference design. I will keep that blog post short as I have teardowned multiple devices earlier having same IT9135 chip, just check those in order to find out some more detailed information.

That same stick is also sold as Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick and its USB ID is 2040:f900. Hauppauge branded version arrived much more earlier - its USB ID was added to Linux driver during kernel 3.14 development time. Actually, PCTV 79e device I got has mistakenly programmed Hauppauge USB ID, but the ones sold now should have PCTV ID. 

Key components:
ITE IT9135

PCB upper side

PCB upper side
IR receiver, IT9135 BX and 12.000 MHz crystal. 

PCB model number is DK-5259. Letters DK usually refers to Dexatek Technology, which is common OEM vendor of TV sticks.

PCB printings:
DK-5259 V1.0

ITE IT9135

That chip, IT9135, is heart of that device. BX means it is second revision of that chip, first one was marked as AX. It is chip which integerates whole TV receiver. Clock is feed from the 12.000 MHz crystal seen right bottom of that picture.

PCB bottom side

PCB bottom side
There is only eeprom on that side of PCB.


2Kbit I2C serial eeprom for storing USB ID. Chip markings are 402RT K409.

USB interface

IDLE current drain without a driver: 48 mA

Note: Hauppauge USB ID mistakenly used.