Naked hardware #18: Astrometa AMDVB-T2 v2

Astrometa AMDVB-T2 v2 teardown
Astrometa AMDVB-T2 v2

That device appeared to market very recently, maybe on September or August 2014. It is clearly successor of older Astrometa HD-901T2 stick, basically having only new version of demodulator chip. Demodulator is changed from Panasonic MN88472 to MN88473. Also PCB is revised marginally. Even USB ID same old 15f4:0131 :-(

Linux support was added to kernel 3.13, as support for old device version was added at that time. Linux driver supports only DVB-T. DVB-T2 and DVB-C are not supported as there is no driver for MN88473 demodulator which provides those DTV standards.

I am not explaining hardware internals very detailed now, as I did quite careful review for old device version, which is very similar. Look old review here.

Key components:
Realtek RTL2832P
Panasonic MN88473
Rafael Micro R828D

PCB upper side

Astrometa AMDVB-T2 v2 PCB
All important chips are assembled that side of the PCB. Chips counted from antenna connector are R828D (RF tuner), MN88473 (demodulator), RTL2832P (USB-bridge + DVB-T demodulator).

Rafael Micro R828D

Rafael Micro R828D
RF tuner.

16.000 MHz crystal

16.000 MHz Xtal
That 16 MHz crystal provides clock for R828D. Located near R828D, same side of PCB.

Panasonic MN88473

Panasonic MN88473

DVB-T/T2/C DTV demodulator. I think it is direct successor of MN88472. 25 MHz clock is coming from crystal located other side of the PCB.

Realtek RTL2832P

Realtek RTL2832P
That chip is DTV USB-bridge, integrated DVB-T demodulator and having TS interface to connect external demodulator. On that case external demodulator is MN88473.

28.8 MHz clock is feed from the crystal, which is located another side of the PCB.

IR receiver needed by RTL2832P is assembled another side of PCB too.

2Kbit I2C serial eeprom is also other side of PCB. RTL2832P USB ID is stored there.

PCB bottom side

Astrometa AMDVB-T2 v2 PCB
Visible parts are, two crystals, eeprom and IR receiver.

PCB printings:

T24C02A eeprom

T24C02A eeprom
Serial (I2C) eeprom, package marking "T24C02A". It is 2 Kbit eeprom. That chip contains device specific configuration, like USB ID. RTL2832P chip reads USB ID from this chip during power on and enumerates to USB bus using ID stored there.

25.000 MHz crystal

25.000 MHz Xtal
That crystal provides clock for Panasonic MN88473 chip located on the other-side of PCB.

28.800 MHz crystal

28.800 MHz Xtal
That crystal provides clock for Realtek RTL2832P chip located on the other-side of PCB.

USB interface

IDLE current drain without a driver: 94 mA