DVB core enhancements - comments please?

As you could remember I initially scheduled my GSoC project to two phases. First one was DVB USB enhancements and second part was for DVB core issues. DVB USB changes are quite ready and I am going to sent upstream merge request in next few days. I will write article about that later in next few days.

I did some planning for the DVB core part recently. I ended-up listing known bugs, insufficient functionality and some new features and sent plan to the Linux-Media mailing list for the comments. No comments so far for that mail - but many of those are discussed earlier too.

DVB core enhancements - comments please?

DVB core enhancements - comments please?

Here is my list of needed DVB core related changes. Feel free to comment - what are not needed or what you would like to see instead. I will try to implement what I can (and what I like most interesting .

general validly checking for demodulator callback input values

  • currently each driver needs to validate those
  • values are highly hooked up to used television standard
  • we can do almost all validly checking inside core
  • we can also check if call is possible to perform in given condition
  • for example BER is not valid when demod is unlocked

suspend / resume support

  • support is currently quite missing, all what is done is on interface drivers
  • needs power management
  • streaming makes it hard
  • quite a lot work to get it working in case of streaming is ongoing

use Kernel power management instead of own

  • there seems to be Kernel services for power-management
  • study if it is wise to use Kernel services instead of own
  • own PM is still working very well, at least I dont know any problems

SDR - Softaware Defined Radio support DVB API

  • http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.video-input-infrastructure/44461
  • there is existing devices that are SDR (RTL2832U "rtl-sdr")
  • SDR is quite near what is digital TV streaming
  • study what is needed
  • new delivery system for frontend API called SDR?
  • some core changes needed, like status (is locked etc)
  • how about demuxer?
  • stream conversion, inside Kernel?
  • what are new parameters needed for DVB API?

DTMB standard support for DVB API

  • it is Chinese DTV standard
  • I already ran RFC but have been too busy for implementing it :]

LNA (low-noise amplifier) support for DVB API

  • there is quite a lot of devices having LNA
  • currently not supported => LNA is configured off typically

offer polling method for statistics

  • many static counters could not be read as a "one go"
  • typical cycle is : start measurement => wait => read counters
  • some drivers starts own internal work-queue for polling (complexity)
  • some drivers blocks IOCTL when taking measurement (bad)

fix frontend properties

  • those has been broken since MFE => SFE change
  • currently implemented as a properties per driver
  • need to be properties per delivery system
  • are broken because driver/chip could support multiple DTV standard

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