Hacking with SDR API gain contols


I finally pull requested initial Linux kernel SDR API, after many many review rounds! It will go mainline Kernel 3.15 as it is just a little bit too late for 3.14... Now it is time to design needed controls. I started already from the tuner gain controls, as you likely saw from the picture above. Now there is own controls for LNA, Mixer and RF gain.

I uploaded to GitHub some related software for test. Patches are more than welcome!

Will the Linux be first OS having native SDR support :)


  1. Excellent work, Antti. This reminds me of the AIRSPY control interface ;-)
    Really cool to see the ideas converging.

    1. It is standard V4L2 control interface, build automatically by app :) Only thing needed was to define those controls. For those gain controls I added 6 controls, value itself and then that boolean for automode. Final version of Mirics driver misses those automode buttons, as driver/hw does not support. But those are visible and active, just like on that picture, when RTL2832 + E4000 / R820T drivers are used (I added already).

    2. It is not SDRSharp config UI, but app called V4L2UCP just to be clear :) Have to draw some UI for SDRSharp plugin too...

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