DVB USB v2 on the road!

DVB USB v2 merged to Linux Media master

Beginning from the last week there has been finally some progression about DVB USB v2 stuff I did earlier. It missed Kernel 3.6 schedule but has now merged the Linux Media master which means it will be eventually Kernel 3.7. Mauro Carvalho Chehab reviews it last week and returned back for me as it failed to compile with allyesconfig. I wasn't even aware such configuration target as I build using Fedora's default configuration, which is quite everything as a module. Breaking build is quite no-no because of Git bisect. I was forced to made huge Git rebase operation in order to keep bisect functional. It was set of over 100 patches and I fixed maybe 20 merge conflicts during that rebase. Guess how much wasted time... Positive point is that now I am quite familiar with Git rebase. It is tool that most developers are forced to deal at some point when fixing merge conflicts or some other issues.

After I was fixed allyesconfig problems and ensured it builds after every single patch I resend PULL-request and it was finally accepted. Mauro converted dvb_usb_az6007 driver for that new framework and dvb_usb_lmedm04 from Malcolm Priestley is under the review. I expect to see more drivers soon, because there is some notable problems with old implementation.

DVB-core situation

Time is running quickly and I have only about one week to go with GSoC.

Much is done but much is still to do. SDR API was one thing I was most interested, but unfortunately it goes a little bit different direction than I was first thinking. I was adding SDR support for DVB API but instead wasted time to learn V4L2 API. Have to give it up for now, but likely I am back this topic later this autumn...

Looking the initial list there is still one topic I see important - general validity checkings for frontend side. I will spend rest development time for that, unless something urgent and time-consuming appears from DVB USB side.

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