My GSoC statistics

It is over now.

Wow, it is over finally. I have to say I was a little bit bored and stressed at the end. Whilst I know almost everything about DVB USB devices, I wasn't very familiar with DVB-core/frontend internals and quite zero knowledge from the V4L interface. Learning new things is something you are doing all the time during Kernel development, but now there was extremely a lot of new things to resolve in long period which was hard. I did some basic DVB driver hacking yesterday, after GSoC was over, and I enjoyed it. It was so easy and funny, just took some random issue, fix it, sent patch to Linux-Media Mailing List (LMML) and continue with new one. No schedules, no plans, just random hacking!

Success and failures

There is clearly one success over the all - DVB USB v2 framework. It is very important for me as I am author and maintainer of remarkably many DVB USB drivers. It was the boost of all that as I was quite pissed off limitations and bugs of old implementation.
Secondly I will list power-management, suspend and resume both DVB-core and DVB USB v2. For DVB USB v2 it is quite perfect and if problems are found there is at least one person who is willing to fix :)
Thirdly I will list failure of SDR API. My initial plan was to add SDR for DVB API, but it was refused and pointed out that V4L2 API is more correct. Without zero knowledge of V4L API I eventually ended giving it up.
The rest changes were quite small, two new DVB API parameters, some random hacks, etc.


I collected some statistics, from Git and from my mailbox. Git statistics are collected using git rev-list command:
git rev-list HEAD --after="2012-04-24" --before="2012-05-20" ...
git rev-list HEAD --after="2012-05-21" --before="2012-08-20" ...

Fields in table below are: first number is from community bonding period (2012-04-24 - 2012-05-20) and second number is done during actual Google Summer of Code period (2012-05-21 - 2012-08-20). Consider community bonding period numbers something like what I usually do with my free-time.

Those tags are normal tags used for Kernel Git change-logs and quite self explaining at least for Kernel developers :)

commit tag community bonding period
2012-04-24 - 2012-05-20
Google Summer of Code period
2012-05-21 - 2012-08-20
Author: 18 147
Acked-by: 1 14
Reviewed-by: 0 11
Tested-by: 0 3
Reported-by: 0 1
non-authoritative Signed-off-by: 7 7

Communication during development is mainly happening on mailing lists and IRC. I read daily quite much mails coming from different lists, no idea even count. I think count of sent mails is more better metric instead. There seems to be 42 sent mails during bonding period and 145 mails during GSoC itself. Those numbers are real mails sent by hand, excluding patch mails sent using Git.

List of patches

Here are the topic of 147 patches I made during actual GSoC period. Few of those are just maintaining changes / fixes for my existing drivers I have to do over the time. Those which are marked as [media] are already merged for the Kernel, last 17 are requested but still waiting.

This is the set I will return.

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