Silicon Labs released DVB-C2/C/T2/T/S2/S chipset

Si216x DVB-C2/C/T2/T/S2/S

Silicon Labs has released new DVB chipset that supports basically all 2nd generation DVB standards, including DVB-T2-Lite and DVB-C2! Flagship model Si2164 supports that all in single chip.

It will be interesting to see when first PCTV products using that chipset will arrive to market. Also it could be interesting to implement DVB-C2 Linux driver :)

For more info, see press release:

Silicon Labs Introduces the World’s Most Advanced DVB Demodulators for TVs and Set-Top Boxes
New Si216x/6x2 Family Supports Latest Digital Video Broadcast Standards, Features the Industry’s First Dual-Channel DVB Demodulators

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